Where Do We Ombuds?

Cruise Ombuds

Ombuds.io works with you to create a Confidential, Independent, Impartial & Informal Outsourced Ombuds program for your Specialty Cruise, Corporate Cruise, Charter Cruise, Group Cruise or Themed Cruise.

When Do We Ombuds?

Ombuds.io works with you to create an Outsourced Ombuds program to fit your specialty, corporate, charter, group or themed cruise timeline.

Per Cruise

Ombuds.io per cruise services are ideal for organizations who operate a single:

  • 1-5 day specialty & themed cruise
  • 6-8 day specialty & themed cruise
  • 9-15 day specialty & themed cruise
  • 16+ day specialty & themed cruise
Per Cruise Series

Ombuds.io per cruise series services are ideal for organizations who operate:

  • 2-3 specialty & themed cruises during a 6 month period
  • 4-6 specialty & themed cruises during a 12-month period
Monthly Retainer

Ombuds.io monthly retainer options are ideal for organizations who operate:

  • 6-9 specialty & themed cruises during a 6-month period
  • 9-12 specialty & themed cruises during a 12-month period

How Do We Ombuds?

Ombuds.io works with you to create an Outsourced Ombuds program to complement your specialty, corporate, charter, group or themed cruise environment.


Ombuds.io is only able to provide onboard (in person) specialty, corporate, charter, group & themed cruise Ombuds services, due to limited communication availability, particularly while ships are in international waters & ports. Cruise Ombuds Services include a minimum of two onboard contact point options, such as: a private meeting area & a dedicated phone number.

What Our Cruise Ombuds Do:

We Help Specialty & Themed Cruise Organizers & Staff:
  • Monitor Trends
  • Address Challenges
  • Pressure-Test New Ideas
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Analyze Risks
We Help Specialty & Themed Cruise Passengers & Guests:
  • Manage & Resolve Conflicts
  • Clarify Appropriate Channels
  • Identify Options
  • Build Engagement
  • Analyze Problems

What Cruise Ombuds Don’t Do:

  • Receive official notice of claims against cruise organizers
  • Conduct investigations
  • Make decisions or policy changes
  • Advocate or take sides
  • Substitute for formal channels
  • Testify or produce documents in legal or other proceedings

Why You Need A Cruise Ombuds:

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Common Cruise Ombuds Issues:

  • Conflicts

  • Disagreements
  • Arguments
  • Misunderstandings
  • Miscommunication
  • Overfriendliness
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Cruise Policies/Procedures/Rules
  • Cruise Safety Protocols
  • Sex/Gender

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment

  • Racism
  • Bias
  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity & Belonging (DEIB)
  • Equality
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Multi-Generational Communication

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Ombuds.io is an active member of the International Ombuds Association (IOA). Ombuds services offered to Entertainment Industry studios, productions, projects & events through Ombuds.io follow the IOA Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics.

Ombuds.io Operating Principles:

Confidentiality is the defining characteristic of our Ombuds services. The identity of those seeking assistance from our Ombuds and all communications with them are confidential to the maximum extent permitted by law. Our Ombuds may, at their sole discretion, disclose confidential information when the person seeking assistance gives permission to do so; when failure to do so might result in an imminent risk of serious harm; or as necessary to defend against a formal complaint of professional misconduct.

Our Ombuds services are independent in structure, function, appearance, and decision-making. Our Ombuds report to the highest possible level within our client organizations and do not report to a function or entity that could affect, or be perceived as affecting, our Ombuds’ independence.

Our Ombuds are designated neutrals and impartial resources who do not take sides or serve as an advocate for any person or entity. Our Ombuds avoid conflicts of interest and conduct that could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Our Ombuds do not participate in any evaluative, disciplinary, legal, or administrative proceedings related to concerns brought to the Ombuds’ attention. Our Ombuds are not authorized to make business and policy decisions or conduct formal investigations on behalf of our client organizations. Our Ombuds are not agents of client organizations for purposes of receiving notice of claims against the organization and are not authorized to be a formal reporting channel for the organization on matters brought to the Ombuds’ attention, except when specifically and expressly mandated by law.

Ombuds.io is a proud member of the International Ombuds Association